Crystaltherapy – Course

The Magic World
of Crystals

Online Live
Certificate Level 1

6 Meetings à € 35 (2 hours)
– you can also participate in one or more individual meetings.
Language: English

Meeting 1: Crystals Self treatment.
Meeting 2: Crystals, Love and Relationships.
Meeting 3: Crystals, Anxiety and Insomnia.
Meeting 4: Crystals, Joy and Prosperity.
Meeting 5: Crystal Healing Grid: Aligning with the Energy of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Universe.
Meeting 6: Crystals Treatment of Another Person: Immune System

At each meeting you will receive two bonuses, related to the specific topic:

Bonus 1
Active Components of the respective Crystals,
Map “How to Place the Crystals for the Group Session”

Bonus 2
Online Live:
Group Session with Crystals and Healing Voice.

For the dates, see: /events/

Meeting 1: Self-Treatment1
You will learn everything to be able to perform a self-treatment:
– What are crystals and how do they work,
– The chakras with the main crystals,
– Cleansing and charging your crystals,
– Choose the crystals with your pendulum,
– You’ll conduct a self-treatment.

To participate it is necessary to have:

1. Crystals (polished or rough)*:
– Smoked quartz
– Carnelian
– Amber
– Citrine
– Rose quartz
– Aventurine
– Aquamarine
– Amethyst
– Hyaline (rock crystal)
– Spatus of Iceland (Rhombohedral calcite)
– Selenite
– Hematite (2)
* You can order from me (see below)

2. Pendulum

3. White sheet to cover yourself or wear white clothes

4. Stable online connection – Zoom application on your device (after booking you’ll receive my Zoom invitation) – A quiet place where you will not be disturbed by anyone, including your pets – Sofa or bed to lie down on for the group session (via headset connected).

Book: +39 3291644373 Judith Verberne

*Kit Crystals and Pendulum (+ Bonus: 3 crystals extra for free): € 45 (+ shipping costs from Italy). You’ll receive the crystals, pendulum and bonus – everything of high quality – cleansed, charged and blessed.

1Meeting 2-6: information will follow.