Hypnosis for Health and Joy

Judith Verberne is a professional clinical and introspective Hypnotist for transformation to Health and Happiness.

Hypnosis for Health and Joy: liberation from depression, anxiety, phobia, physical issues and harmful habits – effective, safe and pleasant,

Clinical and Introspective Hypnosis transforms your unexplained symptoms from the root, the source. You will return to the natural state in which you were meant to live. /introspective-hypnosis/

This method has proven to transform different conditions in just one session.

Our subconscious is a big repository of repressed emotions, stored there and waiting for us to deal with. If we don’t pay special attention to them, they start manifesting as psychosomatic symptoms: tension, pain, disease, depression, anxiety, phobia, cycles of addiction and co-depency, obesity, bulimia, allergies, migraines, repeating cycles of thought and belief, etc. Those emotions could have generated in this life but also in a previous one.

The purpose of a clinical and introspective hypnosis session is getting access to a person’s subconscious and find the origin of its psychosomatic symptoms. They could have originated in a past event or in a past life. Once we understand the repressed emotions, and see and experience why they have been generated, the symptom disappears. – https://www.antoniosangio.com

Health and Joy. Would you like to overcome your suffering? Would you like to stop your past from screwing up your future?

You can have problems all over the world, but you are here together with me. And you are so welcome!

I challenge the idea that we are somehow “broken” and need of “fixing”: you are already enlightened, whole and fulfilled, as your very nature is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. Therefor the work of spiritual practice is to align our “perception of Reality” to what is already the case. Once we encounter that dimension in us that is deeper than mind and body, we can bring the mind and body in alignment with the perfection that already is.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician, nor a psychologist. Nothing that I have written or said is intended to be taken as medical advice, and they are not a subsitute for medical visits, treatments and medicins.

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