• The Spirit World
    “At the moment of death, our soul rises out of its host body. […] As they move further away from earth, souls experience an increasingly briljant light around them. Some will briefly see a grayish darkness and will sense passing through a tunnel or portal. The differences between these two phenomena depend upon the exit […]
  • Brian Weiss 2: Curing anxiety, panic attacks and phobias using Hypnotherapy
    “I know that there is a reason for everything. Perhaps at the moment that an event occurs we have neither the insight nor the foresight to comprehend the reason, but with time and patience it will come to light.So it was with Catherine. I first met her in 1980 when she was twenty-seven years old. […]
  • Brian Weiss 1: Soul Mates
    “There is someone special for everyone. Often there are two or three or even four. They come from different generations. They travel across oceans of time and the depths of heavenly dimensions to be with you again. They come from the other side, from heaven. They look different, but your heart knows them. Your heart […]
  • The Law of Divine Oneness
    The 12 laws of the Universe provide guidelines for attitudes and behaviours that transform and optimize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. There is one word I love, Namasté. In its literal translation “I bow to the Divine in you”. Nah-mas-tay My soul honours your soulI honour the place in youwhere the entire universe […]
  • Dolores Cannon 2: Access to the All-Knowing
    “I also believe that the subconscious is the record keeper, the equivalent to a gigant computer. It records everything that has ever happened in the person’s life. This is why this information can be made accessible through hypnosis. If the person were asked to return to their twelfth birthday party they would be able to […]
  • Dolores Cannon 1: Healing through Hypnosis
    “Of course, the main object of my hypnosis work is therapy and helping people recover from or resolve their problems. I found that most problems that people have: physical, mental, allergies, phobias, or relationships etc. could be traced back to events that originated, not in the present lifetime, but in other lives. Many of my […]