Preparing your online Session

What you Need

Headset with microphone
  • Laptop or mobile device with camera facing the bed or bank where you will be lying down. Please plug in the laptop!
  • A stable online connection.
  • Your device should be set up where it will not be disturbed if you move or need to get up to use the toilet. I must be able to see your whole face at all times,
  • Zoom application on your device.
  • Headset with microphone (see picture). You must be able to move the microphone in front of your mouth – no gaming headsets, and no ear buds as I won’t be able to hear you when you move.
  • Please test your equipment before our call: sound settings, speaker and microphone.


Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted by people or pets.


  • Send me this Client Information and Agreement Form at least 3 days before your session as an attachment to
  • Send a list of no more than 5 questions/issues at least 3 days before the session to We will discuss them during our interview.
  • You will join me on Zoom at your appointment time. You may want to arrive a few minutes early.
  • We will test the equipment to be sure I can hear you over your headset.
  • After the interview process, we will do the hypnosis session.

Please Note

  • Cell phone should be put on airplane mode.
  • No other people allowed in the room or listening on the call with you during the session.
  • No recording of the session allowed.
  • I will send you a copy of your session (video) via
  • If the call drops during the session, you will be able to easily reconnect to the Zoom meeting room.

Your Issues and Questions

  • Your list of 5 issues/questions will be used as a guideline for your hypnosis session.
  • No more than 5 issues/questions – sub-questions count as additional questions. Since the session may go far deeper into a certain issue than expected, I may not be able to get to all your questions.
  • Do not include explanations or details about the questions. I must be able to read them quickly and easily during your session. We will discuss them during our interview.
  • Let’s focus on your present and your past, not about future events.
  • This is a sacred and spiritual session about you. The issues/questions should be about you and your life – not about somebody else, nor the world, the environmental or political issues.

Set your Intention to have a Great Session

Your intention to having a great session is key! Once you’ve made the decision to have a hypnosis session, your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides begin to prepare you. Thoughts and energy will automatically begin to flow to you to prepare you for this session.

Caffeine and Diet 

Limit your use of caffeine for 2-3 days before your session. On the day of your session, if you normally have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, cut it down to one cup – just enough to keep you from getting a caffeine withdrawal headache. The intention is to go into wonderful altered state of relaxation.  A clean live diet (fresh fruits and vegetables) is always recommended.  

No Recreational Drugs or Alcohol  

Don’t drink alcohol or take recreational drugs the night before and/or the day of your appointment. The session will not be conducted if you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substances that alter your state of awareness. Do not take any pills to relax you. This may jeopardize the success of the session, because I need you awake and focused. Take any prescription medications that you normally take.

Practice Relaxing prior to the session

This is an exercise that you could do on the day of your session to get into a wonderful state of relaxation. Just close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath and then to any part of your body where you notice tension. Breathe into that space until you feel the tension lessen or dissolve. Remain in that space for as long as you can, locating any tension until your entire body is easily and effortlessly relaxed.

Furthermore, meditation helps to calm down, or taking a nice leasurely walk, petting your pet, or listening to soothing music.

Get a good Night’s Sleep

For the sake of a successful session you need to be alert and be able to focus and follow my instructions. Hypnosis is not sleep. If your mind is too tired and too exhausted to focus, I can not facilitate a good session. Therefor, ensure a good night’s sleep in advance.

What to Eat and Drink

Your session could last up to 4 hours, so eat something light beforehand. And don’t forget to drink lots of water! Water is a conductor for energy and that’s exactly what we are going to do during your session: channeling and moving energy. Your session will not be harmed if you have to visit the toilet in between, on the contrary, each time you go in and out of hypnosis, you go deeper.

Your Session

Before the hypnosis session, I spend time getting to know you, review your issues and questions and discussing what to expect and not. The actual hypnosis session takes place afterwards. Your session is private, we both need to feel completely safe, with total respect for your confidentiality. So no one else is permitted in the room or on the online connection.

No Expectations

Each hypnosis session is totally unique and you will experience exactly what you need. Release any expectation of what you should feel like when you’re in that wonderful state of relaxation or what your session will be like. Hypnosis is not sleep. You will be wide awake and aware during your whole experience. You are never unconscious.
Since hypnosis is not sleep, coming out of that wonderful state of relaxation doesn’t feel like a dream you wake up from. It feels more like a daydream, and the majority of people know exactly what they’re saying at all times and remember mostly everything.
Most people think they’re making it all up. That’s normal because hypnosis is a normal altered state of focused awareness and will not feel much different than daydreaming. Just enjoy the experience and let the Universe take care of the details.

Video Recording

Your hypnosis session will be recorded via Zoom and you will receive a copy of it via You may share your recording with family and friends at your discretion but do not upload it onto the internet. I reserve all rights to the recording.

Sessions on YouTube

Most of my hypnosis sessions are not published online because they are very personal and involve therapy. It can be very emotional and liberating but I choose not to put that out there for the public to see. If your session has information that would be beneficial for others, I will ask at the end of your session if you want to share it. Personal information and hypnotherapy techniques are edited out of the recording.

After your Session

You will be fully alert but deeply relaxed and may find yourself in a semi to very blissful state. Sometimes, clients feel like their body is buzzing with energy. Sometimes clients feel like purging or taking a long nap. Or you may feel that you weren’t hypnotized at all and made it all up, that’s normal. 

Be sure to drink a lot of water. You should ground yourself after the session, for example, by eating something and walking in bare feet on the grass. 

I recommend that you listen to the registration as much as possibile – but not while driving your car! Since the vibration of your session will also be recorded, you will continue to receive new insights and self-healing each time you listen to the recording. Your connection to your Higher Wisdom will remain open, so pay attention to synchronicities and your thoughts, dreams and intuition.

Sometimes it can take a while to process everything that has triggered during the session, especially when there were many meaningful things. Remember that you are your Higher Self, and that your Guides are always comunicating with you. Pay attention, because important information will come through when you least expect it!