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Dolores Cannon 2: Access to the All-Knowing

“I also believe that the subconscious is the record keeper, the equivalent to a gigant computer. It records everything that has ever happened in the person’s life. This is why this information can be made accessible through hypnosis. If the person were asked to return to their twelfth birthday party they would be able to remember every event of that day, inclusing the cake, those who attended, the presents etc. The subconscious is always aware and records and stores every tiny detail.

This could also explain where sudden psychich revelations and intuitions come from. It is part of that information that we are receiving on another level that we don’t necessarily need. But once it is there it occasionally leaks through into our conscious world. When this occurs it is considered a miraculous phenomenon, although this vast store of information is always there, and ready to be tapped into with the proper training.

The subconscious not only records everything that has ever happened to the person in this lifetime, but everything that has ever happened to them in all their past-lives, and existences in the spirit state. Much of this has no application to the present life. It can be tapped into for curiosity’s sake, and it would be interesting to the person. But what purpose would it serve in answering the problems of the present lifetime?

This is one of the mistakes that many hypnotists make. They see no value in taking the person to a past life, unless it is just for curiosity, fantasy or enjoyment. (Although many of these past lives are far from joyful.) This is the reason I developed my technique. I take the person to the lifetime that is most relevant or appropriate to the problems in their present lifetime. I never lead, I allow the subconscious to take the person to the life it considers to be the most important to view at the time of the session. I am always surprised, whether the lifetime is boring or mundane (which 90% of them are), living in ancient or modern civilizations, or dealing with aliens and life on other planets or dimensions. The subconscious makes the connection and it is always one that I or the subject would never have consciously made. yet it makes perfect sense when viewed from this perspective.

Skeptics won’t understand or believe this, and they would have good reason not to, if this contact was happening through only one person. But how can people argue that this is fantasy, fraud, hoax, deliberate manipulation, whatever, if it is happening through everyone I work with, no matter where in the world they are located? I have approximately 90% success rate with the hypnotic technique of taking the person to the appropriate past life, and of these about 90% success in contacting their subconscious. The subconscious always speaks the same way, and answers the questions in the same manner. This would not happen if it were a random circumstance.

But if this portion of the person’s mind seems to be the same in every instance, what am I contacting? If it only belonged to the individual person I am working with, and only has access to their information, then why and how can it tap into information on a grander scale?

It is actually like communicating with a computer terminal connected to a giant database. The database transcends time, space, and all limitations of individual consciousness. This is the amazing part of my work. I seem to alsways be speaking to the same part (or entity or whatever it is), a part that I have now discovered appears to be all-knowing. It not only has the answers the client is seeking, it has answers about anything that I wish to ask. An all-knowing part of something that has access to all information. Some people may choose to call this part the ‘Total Self’, ‘Higher Self’, ‘Oversoul’, Jung’s ‘Collective Unconscious’ or ‘God’. These could all be relating to the same thing under different names. I just know that I have found in my work that it repsonds to the name of ‘subconscious’.

There are many other terms in science and religion that could attempt to explain this portion I have succeeded in tapping to. Whatever it is, it is a joy to work with, mostly because of my curiosity and desire for information. I love doing research in libraries, and this is like having access to the grandest library of them all. So journey with me as I explore more of the complicated metaphysical concepts. I know I don’t have all the answers, but I have succeeded in scratching the surface a little deeper. Maybe your minds will be stimulated by what I have found. Keep searching and asking questions. That is the only way the answers will be found. Remember the saying, “A parachute is like the mind, it only works if it is open.””

– My teacher Dolores Cannon, The Convoluted Universe, Book Two, Ozark Mountain Publishing 2018 (2005), pp. 3-15.

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