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Dolores Cannon 1: Healing through Hypnosis

“Of course, the main object of my hypnosis work is therapy and helping people recover from or resolve their problems.

I found that most problems that people have: physical, mental, allergies, phobias, or relationships etc. could be traced back to events that originated, not in the present lifetime, but in other lives. Many of my clients have spent years going from doctor to doctor in the medical and psychiatric field, and they had little success in finding the answers to their persistent problems. This was because the doctors were only focusing on the obvious physical symptoms and events that had occurred in the present lifetime. Sometimes the problem can be traced to events that occurred in childhood, but in the majority of the cases I have worked on, the answer lies buried further in the past.

I believe, past lives exist on another vibration or frequency. When we regress to those lives we change frequencies to see and experience them, just like changing the channels on a radio or tv set.

People don’t realize the power their own mind has to cure themselves. My technique allows access to that part of their mind that can find the cause of their problems. The subconcious can be very literal in the physical symptoms it uses to deliver its messagges. If more people became aware of this they would listen more closely to what their body is trying to tell them.

My definition of the subconscious is: the part of the mind that takes care of the body. It regulates all the systems of the body, it is constantly monitoring, and it knows everything that is going on in the person’s body. That is why we can obtain answers to health questions using this method. I have found that every physical symptom, disease or malathy is a message from the subconscious. It is trying desperately to get our attention in one way or another. It is trying to tell us something, and will persist until we finally understand. If we don’t pay attention the disease or problem will continue to worsen until we have no alternative, or until it is too late to reverse the situation. I know this is true because the same symptoms have related to the same problems in many people’s present lives. I only wish the subconscious could find a less painfull way to deliver the message. I often say, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just hand them a note?” The subconscious thinks it is relaying in a direct, forward way that the person should understand, but this is often not the case. We are too focused on our everyday lives to wonder why we have persistent backaches or headaches etc.

When we have the session and discover the reason for the discomfort (and often the reasons can be so extraordinary that I do not think anyone could make the connection consciously), then the message has been delivered, and the discomfort ceases.

There is no longer any reason for it to remain since the message has been delivered and understood. The person can then return to health, if they make the required changes in their life. It always goes back to the responsability of the person. The subconscious can only do so much, and the free will of the person is always respected.

I know these statements sound radical and do not fit with traditional methods of treatments, but I can only report what I have discovered and observed from helping thousands of people.”

– My teacher Dolores Cannon, The Convoluted Universe, Book Two, Ozark Mountain Publishing 2018 (2005), pp. 3-15.

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